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Thinking about selling your home in summer?

Traditionally, spring is known for the best selling conditions. However, at this time of year when the market is generally quieter, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd.

Take a look at our top tips for selling your home in the summer:

1. Carefully select your viewing times

It can be a good idea to get your agent to do viewings in the morning, especially on particularly hot days.

2. Look after your garden

We know it’s difficult, but where possible try to keep your grass and garden green. A well-kept outdoor area can make a huge difference to your property sale, especially if it’s already a selling point. Summertime also allows for us to achieve great photography too.

3. Style your outdoor living space

Impress potential buyers by taking the inside out; if buyers can see themselves relaxing outside or entertaining guests they will get a really positive impression of your home.

4. Take advantage of natural light

By opening up your windows early in the morning you can let plenty of fresh air in. Additionally, opening your curtains or blinds will make smaller rooms feel more spacious.

5. Talk to the experts

We have over 47 years’ experience in buying and selling houses. Even if you aren’t quite ready to sell yet, we can value your home to give you an accurate idea of what your property is worth. We can advise you on the best ways to market your property – such as the features you should really focus on to make an impact, as well as the best method of sale.

Open events are particularly useful, meaning you don’t have to keep you home constantly “viewer ready”, they can also generate a competitive environment and often lead to offers being made on the same day.

Give us a call on 0330 024 300 and we will be happy to discuss your summer sale in more detail.

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