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Who said you cannot get blood out of an Estate Agent?!

On 21st August Andrew Grant’s Finance Director, Chris Pate will be making his 100th blood donation!

Low blood supplies mean O negative donors are getting priority appointments. If the NHS don’t collect enough O negative blood donations in the coming weeks, stocks may fall below 2 days. 



Commenting on his upcoming achievement Chris says:

"I was actually a late starter giving blood, but it is very much a family thing with both my sisters being blood donors in the past. It was probably after my children were born that I started, when you take on that added responsibility for their wellbeing.

"Should they ever need a blood transfusion, heaven forbid, I hope I’ve done my little bit. My blood group is O rhesus negative, so am always in great demand because my blood can be given to anyone in an emergency. Anyone who has watched Casualty, ER and such like, will have heard the call for O Neg!

"Rare blood groups are also in demand, and there is always an appeal for blood from ethnic minorities, because of things like sickle-cell anaemia.

"The schedule for giving blood is 4 times a year (for men), and as long as you are fit and healthy, you can carry on regardless. Not sure if I will make another 100 though!

"It’s all now done through the NHS Blood Donor App and probably takes just an hour of your time, and accompanied with the traditional cup of tea (or soft drink) and biscuits afterwards!

"There have been suggestions that it does you good to give blood – a bit like an oil change for a car. Give it a go. The only thing you’ve got to lose is a pint of blood (just less than in actual fact)."


Be sure to keep your appointment - even when the sun shines

The recent good weather is causing a drop in attendance. If you can’t keep your appointment do let your centre know as soon as possible.

To become a donor please call the blood and transplant team on 0300 123 23 23 or visit
Alternatively, click here to find out more


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