Why rent a property with Andrew Grant?

Andrew Grant is your local lettings expert - if you're looking to rent a home we don’t just help you to find it - our friendly and experienced lettings team will support you right through to the day you move. They are experienced at what they do, and most of all - they really enjoy doing it!

We've an extensive range of residential properties available to let throughout the region; from modern studio apartments through to period country estates. Whatever you are looking for our team will help you find a place to call home.

Need help?

Step 1

Contact us to arrange a viewing on the property you love. We will meet you there and show you all it has offer.

Step 2

Your application is made and will be dealt with by our dedicated lettings progressor. You will be required to sign the tenant terms.

Step 3

We will perform and complete referencing, ID and right to rent checks on all tenants aged over 18.

Step 4

You must provide payment of your first months’ rent and deposit. Our partners will also contact you to offer exclusive deals on utilities and media packages.

Step 5

You will receive an email and all tenants will be required to sign the tenancy agreement. We will then complete a property inventory.

Step 6

You will receive all information including gas certificate, EPC, copy of tenancy agreement, deposit certificate, inventory and other prescribed information. Collect the keys and move in!

Read our helpful guide which details more about becoming a tenant

Need help?

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